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Going through a divorce can be one of the more challenging experiences in a person’s life. The decisions you make during this emotionally difficult time can have lasting consequences. You need an experienced, compassionate divorce attorney who can explain your options regarding division of property, custody, child support, spousal support and more. 

Our divorce attorneys at McCarty-Larson have the experience to help you make informed decisions to achieve your goals. We listen to understand your circumstances and your values. No matter how simple or complex your divorce, we will help you set realistic objectives and build a personalized case to protect your rights, your children, and your financial future.

Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce

Not every divorce is high conflict. If you and your spouse are on relatively good terms and are both committed to a fair resolution you might consider an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are typically faster and cost less than contested divorces. In an uncontested divorce, both parties generally meet the following criteria: 

  • Both of you want to end the marriage
  • You agree on what will happen with your children, including child support
  • You agree on how your property will be divided, including the payment of debts
  • Neither you or your spouse are involved in an active bankruptcy proceeding

If an uncontested divorce doesn’t seem right for your situation, but you still want to pursue an amicable resolution, we can provide guidance and representation in settlement negotiations or mediation.

If private negotiation is not an option, or fails to provide a satisfactory solution, we are ready and willing to bring your case to the courthouse to fight for what you want.

The Divorce Process

No two divorces are exactly alike, but they begin the same way: one person files for divorce, and the other responds. From that point onward, how rough—or how smooth—it goes depends on the personalities and priorities of the parties involved. Our goal is to achieve a resolution as efficiently as possible with no more conflict than necessary.

When spouses work together cooperatively, cases can generally be resolved with little to no fuss.

We work with divorcing couples to resolve situations regarding:

Addressing Conflict Head On

It’s no surprise that many spouses refuse to play nice. If that’s your case, we stand ready to fight on your behalf. We can request a temporary restraining order if needed to prevent your spouse from threatening or harassing you, making off with your assets, or damaging your property.

We can also create temporary custody or visitation orders to help ensure your children’s wellbeing while final decisions are being worked out. We can answer every question and advise you regarding all of your legal options for navigating your unique situation.

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