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Have you been arrested? Is your loved one currently being held in custody? It will take an experienced and committed criminal defense attorney to protect your rights in any criminal matter. No matter what charges you are currently facing, we highly recommend involving an attorney who has extensive experience with criminal law as soon as possible.

From misdemeanors to major felony crimes in Texas, McCarty-Larson, PLLC has handled all types of criminal defense matters. No case is too complex for our team to handle. In fact, we take pride in having the tenacity to champion on behalf of our clients, especially in high-stakes criminal matters.

We represent clients across Ellis County, Tarrant, Dallas, and Johnson County in the face of such charges as DWI, assault, drug crimes, violent crimes, fraud, white-collar crimes, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, and other criminal cases.

We can also effectively help clients who wish to have their criminal law records sealed and expunged. Though expungement may not be available to some individuals, we can be trusted to provide you with an honest and straightforward assessment of your particular case.

Senior Partner Attorney Robin McCarty, with law offices located in Midlothian, Ellis County, has over 20 years of experience, including as a former prosecutor and police officer. Robin McCarty is prepared to provide the type of insight that only comes with such a diverse background.

When you contact McCarty-Larson, PLLC, you will find that we are prepared to inform you of your rights and legal options so you can begin to make empowered decisions. We want to help you regain control of your life.


Robin McCarty represents defendants in Texas

Former Police Officer and Prosecutor – Our Senior Partner Attorney Represents Clients in Ellis County, Johnson County, Dallas, and Tarrant County and the surrounding area.

We provide honest, competent, and ethical legal representation. Our attorney client relationship is of the highest standard in Texas. We will not hesitate to utilize every tool and resource in our arsenal to fight the charges that have been brought against you or your loved one.

Why Are Criminal Lawyers Important And What DO They Do?

When you have been arrested in places like Texas, it is important that an experienced attorney reviews your case and looks for holes in the investigation. Did the police officer follow protocol when arresting you? Was evidence collected during a search of your property against legal guidelines? An attorney and legal team will be able to identify these flaws right away.

Criminal defense lawyers can also help create a strategy and prepare you for your day in court. For example, if accused of assault, an attorney may be able to argue that the defendant acted in self-defense which would exempt them from punishment.

Our attorneys will help you through every step of the legal process, but why wait? Contact our Texas law firm today to schedule a free consultation.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide valuable assistance with any matter that requires in-depth knowledge or expertise. Call us at our Law office near you at (972) 775-2100 now so one of our professionals may go over all possible outcomes before deciding what’s best for you without risking anything financially – contact an attorney now!.

When Can A Defense Attorney Ask For An Acquittal?

Sometimes, it’s not up to the jury to make a decision. If your criminal law attorney believes that there is insufficient evidence in favor of guilt or innocence, he may file this motion with the court for acquittal after hearing from both sides. This request asks the judge rather than a jury and will usually be filed when it has been clear by then that there are no more arguments left on behalf of either side – you have won!

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What Are The Different Types Of Crime In Texas?

Crimes in Texas can be categorized as either a felony, misdemeanor or minor offense (listed in order of severity). Felonies are further divided into different “degrees,” with each degree resulting in harsher punishments as dictated by the state’s criminal justice system. For example, in Ellis County, felony crimes are classified in one of five categories: Capital, First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, and State Jail. Misdemeanors are designated as class A, B, or C on the crime that was committed. A minor offense refers to a crime or infraction that is less serious than felonies and misdemeanors.

How Can A Lawyer Aggressively Represent Me And Defend My Charges?

Attorney Robin McCarty knows that even the best people can sometimes make mistakes. He has defended hundreds of clients in Midlothian, Waxahachie, and across Ellis County who have been charged with crimes, whether they are innocent or guilty. Attorney McCarty is highly skilled at defending your rights as well as fighting charges to ensure you get what’s rightfully yours- a chance for redemption after making an honest mistake.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Texas contact attorney Robin McCarty right away so he can defend your interests against any legal battles set forth by prosecutors looking to throw out cases without merit.

What To Do When You’re Arrested

One of the scariest things that can happen to someone is getting arrested, especially if it’s your first time. You are handcuffed and taken away in a police car to be questioned at their station; but here’s what you don’t want them asking about – they won’t read your Miranda rights before questioning because any conversation with an officer will most likely incriminate oneself, which means use caution when dealing with law enforcement officers for legal advice on whether or not talking should even occur.

The urge to help our fellow man is understandable. After all, it’s part of human nature to want to be helpful. But when the person asking for “your help and cooperation” is a police officer, you may want to think twice – then call your Texas criminal defense lawyer while you consider the situation carefully before committing (or not). Often law enforcement officers will use that natural instinct we have as humans “to do something,” in order to facilitate their investigation into us. In short: Officer friendly might not seem so friendly after all!

Why Do Criminal Defense Law Firms Advice That You Remain Silent After An Arrest?

The best advice that any attorney can give you is to remain silent when being questioned or investigated by law enforcement officers. Wait until you have contacted an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of McCarty-Larson before talking with police, as they will be able to advise on what steps should next be taken and whether it’s worth even speaking up in response to their questions.

Police often take advantage of a suspect’s vulnerability, and try to get them off guard or nervous in order to make it easier for the police. They want you talking while they’re trying to gather your thoughts and consult legal counsel so that they can leverage possible criminal charges against you which would allow them what they really want.

When Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer After An Arrest?

You don’t want to be sitting in a jail cell for an extended period of time. The first thing you should do is contact the Law Offices of McCarty-Larson, where we have over 50 years of skilled criminal defense attorney experience defending people in Texas who are falsely accused and arrested unfairly. We know how important it is to make sure that your next steps happen quickly so give us a call at (972) 775-2100 or fill out our form on this site as soon as possible

An Attorney Can Help You Maintain Your Innocence Until You’re Proven Guilty

When you are charged with a crime, the prosecutor must present evidence that proves your guilt beyond all reasonable doubt in order to convict you. Being arrested is not enough for conviction and it doesn’t mean they have proved their case already! Don’t give up hope: just remember there’s always room for innocence until proven guilty.

What Questions Should You Ask A Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring Him or Her?

The question on everyone’s minds when charged with a crime is “How can I find the best criminal defense attorney near me?”

The best way to find one is by asking them about their practice areas. It’s important that the lawyer you choose only practices in this field and not just occasionally does it as well. You also want an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented clients like yours before, so be sure to ask your potential candidate how long they’ve been practicing law and what kinds of cases they have handled previously. Knowing judges’ names would help too because if he knows these people then he should know his chances at getting dismissed or winning against charges better than others without any legal experience under their belt!

What Do Ellis County Criminal Defense Attorneys Charge?

When figuring out how to choose a criminal defense attorney for your case, consider the cost. Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate exactly what an average lawyer will charge because each situation can be different and unique. But you should never enter into any agreements with lawyers before discussing costs – we offer free initial consultations! During these meetings, our teams will discuss fees in more detail after learning about charges against you at no obligation or commitment on either side of the table.”

Criminal defense attorneys can offer clients payment plans, but not all do. Be sure to ask before you decide on an attorney!

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