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Having a criminal charge on your record, even without a conviction, can lead to enduring repercussions as it becomes visible on background checks. Such an arrest record can consistently affect your life, blocking job prospects, and more.

At Larson-McCarty, PLLC, our Arlington-based criminal defense attorneys are equipped to unravel the complexities of the expungement process, which can aid in wiping clean your arrest record, thereby enabling you to progress. However, it should be noted that expungement isn’t applicable for all types of arrests or criminal charges. Contact our Arlington law office to discuss your unique situation with a defense attorney. We offer an initial consultation free of charge. Call us at (972) 928-1293. We also facilitate remote consultations via Zoom for a range of clients.

Understanding Expungement

Expungement, occasionally referred to as expunction, denotes the legal term for “record clearing.” Essentially, this signifies that details about your arrest, plea, and sentence will be eradicated from the files typically accessed during a background check. The importance of expungement lies in mitigating the adverse effects a criminal record can impose on a background check.

The expungement process is intricate since there is no solitary criminal record to eliminate. Information regarding your arrest history and charges can be discovered in numerous databases maintained by various government agencies. Moreover, such information might be held by autonomous firms that offer background check services, which lack linkage or coordination.

When an expungement order is issued by a court, multiple agencies possessing records of your arrest or crime are informed. All these agencies must be asked to remove the information from their databases. Our Arlington expungement attorneys are adept at the process of identifying and working in conjunction with all bodies managing your record.

Eligibility for Expungement

Various prerequisites must be fulfilled to qualify for an expungement. In a consultation with one of our Arlington-based attorneys, you can ascertain if you are eligible for expungement relating to your specific criminal charge. If not, you could inquire whether your record can be sealed through an order of nondisclosure. Despite expungement and nondisclosure pursuing similar aims, there exist significant differences between the two.

The Importance of Expungement

A criminal record can severely affect your future prospects. Applying for a job, leasing a property, or securing a loan may necessitate a background check. Your past encounters with law enforcement—be it merely an arrest or a criminal court proceeding—will be visible and could result in application denial.

By expunging your criminal record for a specific offense, the information is permanently deleted, eliminating potential obstacles to future successes. Opportunities that might have previously been unreachable could now be within your grasp.

To secure the expungement of your criminal record, your attorney needs to file a petition with the court. There are attorney and filing fees, and the process isn’t instantaneous. The expunging of your record could take a few months, but the outcome is undeniably worth the wait.

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