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Having a criminal charge on your record, even without a conviction, can be detrimental as it will show up on background checks. This arrest record can persist and negatively impact your life, hindering job prospects and more.

At Larson-McCarty, PLLC, our Fort Worth-based criminal defense attorneys can clarify the process of expungement, which can help clear your arrest record and allow you to move on. However, not all types of arrests or criminal charges are eligible for expungement. Reach out to our Fort Worth law office to discuss your specific situation with a defense attorney. We provide a free initial consultation. Call (972) 775-2100. We also offer remote consultations through Zoom for many clients.

Deciphering Expungement

Expungement, or expunction, refers to the legal process of “clearing a record.” It means that the details of your arrest, plea, and sentence will be removed from the files typically searched during a background check. Expungement is an essential tool given the adverse effects a criminal record can have on a background check.

The process of expungement is complex, as there isn’t just one criminal record to erase. Details about your arrest history and charges can be found in multiple databases managed by different government departments. Additionally, this information might be held by independent companies providing background check services, which are not interconnected or coordinated.

When a court approves an expungement order, various agencies holding records of your arrest or crime will be informed. All of these agencies must be asked to delete the information from their databases. Our Fort Worth expungement attorneys are well-versed in the process of identifying and working with all parties handling your record.

Eligibility for Expungement

There are several criteria that must be met to be eligible for an expungement. During a consultation with one of our Fort Worth-based lawyers, you can determine if you qualify for expungement regarding your specific criminal charge. If not, explore whether your record can be sealed using an order of nondisclosure. While expungement and nondisclosure share similar aims, there are key distinctions between the two.

The Importance of Expungement

A criminal record can greatly influence your future. When you apply for a job, rent a property, or seek a loan, you may undergo a background check. Past interactions with law enforcement—ranging from an arrest to a criminal court case—will be visible and could lead to application denial.

By expunging your criminal record for a specific crime, the information is permanently removed, eliminating potential obstacles to future achievements. Opportunities that might have been out of reach before could become attainable.

To obtain expungement of your criminal record, your attorney must submit a petition to the court. There are attorney and filing fees involved, and the process is not immediate. The expungement process may take several months, but the result is undeniably valuable.

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