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While expungement is the best option for clearing your record and starting over, it is not available to everyone. In some cases, you may have the option of having your record hidden or “sealed.” This is achieved by filing a petition for an order of nondisclosure.

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What Is Nondisclosure?

Non-disclosure means that your criminal record is hidden from the public, including those who might run a background check on you: potential employers, landlords, creditors, school admissions officers, and private investigators.

Your criminal record still exists in the criminal justice system. That means police, prosecutors, and others in law enforcement and government agencies can see prior charges brought against you. Your past could still be a factor if you are later arrested for other crimes. Learn the difference between expungement and nondisclosure.

Sealing Juvenile Records

Because of TV, many people think that juvenile records are automatically sealed. That is not always the case. However, most juvenile court judges prefer to give young people—especially first-time-offenders—a chance to start over. This is an important option because of all the negative ways a criminal record can affect a background check.

Juvenile records may be cleared or sealed after a juvenile has reached a certain age and has stayed out of trouble for a certain period of time.

There Is No Single Criminal Record

There is no one single criminal record to be deleted or hidden. Information about your arrest history and the charges against you can exist across multiple agencies, departments and organizations. These various organizations are not connected or coordinated.

We Can Help Seal Your Criminal Record

Has your past been holding you back? Have you been denied opportunities because you couldn’t pass a criminal background check? Sealing your record through nondisclosure is a complex legal process, but working with a qualified criminal defense lawyer can hide your arrest record from public background checks and create new possibilities.

If you qualify to have your record sealed, the process requires a non-refundable filing fee. It is important that every detail is handled properly to ensure that nondisclosure is processed correctly, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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