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When Your Children Are Your Top Priority

When parents divorce, figuring out where their children will live, and how their emotional and physical needs will be met is a primary concern. Even when both parents want what’s best for their children’s wellbeing, they can have opposing ideas about what that means. You need an experienced child custody lawyer who understands your concerns and will help you achieve your goals as a loving and committed parent.   

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Do you wonder what factors influence a judge’s decision about custody and visitation?

What about the child’s preferences? How could we structure shared custody that works for everyone involved? What if the other parent doesn’t follow through on their commitments?  

These are serious issues that can impact you and your children for years to come. 

Contact us at McCarty-Larson today to get answers to all of your questions and learn about all of your legal options. Our top child custody attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary build a winning case. They’ll help ensure that your parental rights are respected and your children’s needs are met. Call us today at (972) 928-1022 to schedule a free consultation.  

Conservatorship refers to the legal rights and responsibilities for making decisions for your children. These include such important issues as such where they go to school, what types of activities they’re involved in, their religious upbringing, and other decisions. 

Possession and Access (also called visitation) refers to how much time, and under what conditions, child spend time with each parent. 

Variations on types of custody include:

  • Joint managing conservatorship, meaning that both parents have the right to access information regarding their children and that each parent has the right to make certain decisions for their children
  • Sole managing conservatorship, one parent makes the decisions regarding the children
  • Right to Designate the Primary Residence (“primary parent”) the parent with whom the children spend most of their time 
  • The non-primary is typically awarded a visitation schedule

    Factors considered when determining custody

    The court looks at several key factors when ruling on custody. These include:

    • What’s best for the child’s safety, security, and well-being
    • The child’s relationship with each parent
    • The parents’ work schedules
    • Distance between parents’ home, school, family and activities

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