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Maintaining positive, nurturing relationships with children after divorce can be challenging. This is especially true when the divorced parents can’t agree on issues related to custody, visitation, child support, grandparents’ rights, or other issues. It can be especially difficult when one parent violates the agreement or denies the other parent access to their children.

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Have you ever wondered what factors into a judge’s determination about custody? Does the child get to choose which parent they live with? Is it realistic for children to alternate living in two households? How much input does a non-custodial parent have regarding how their children are raised? How will financial responsibility for the children’s welfare be managed?

Our top child custody attorneys can answer all of these important questions and more. Then they will present you with all of your legal options and help you achieve your desired goals. Call us today at (972) 928-1022 to start resolving your legal disputes involving custody and visitation and do what’s best for your children.

Conservatorship refers to the legal rights and responsibilities for making decisions for your children. These include such important issues as such where they go to school, what types of activities they’re involved in, their religious upbringing, and other decisions. 

Possession and Access (also called visitation) refers to how much time, and under what conditions, child spend time with each parent. 

Variations on types of custody include:

  • Joint managing conservatorship, meaning that both parents have the right to access information regarding their children and that each parent has the right to make certain decisions for their children
  • Sole managing conservatorship, one parent makes the decisions regarding the children
  • Right to Designate the Primary Residence (“primary parent”) the parent with whom the children spend most of their time 
  • The non-primary is typically awarded a visitation schedule

Factors considered when determining custody

The court looks at several key factors when ruling on custody. These include:

  • What’s best for the child’s safety, security, and well-being
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The parents’ work schedules
  • Distance between parents’ home, school, family and activities

Ultimately, the court will make its determination based on what it thinks is best for the child. When parents are angry or upset—even if they have good reason to be–they don’t make a good impression in court.  An experienced child custody lawyer can build a compelling legal argument and present it to the judge in a way that helps you achieve your desired outcomes. 

Scheduling Non-custodial Visitation 

“Non-custodial parent” refers to the parent the child does NOT live with. In the interests of maintaining positive relationships with both parents, judges generally award visitation to the non-custodial parent. A key exception is when abuse is a factor and the child’s safety is in question. 

Visitation is an agreed-upon schedule for the non-custodial parent to see their children. It’s typically an ongoing, regular schedule of days and times. In most cases there is some flexibility to tailor visits around other events and availability. Weekend overnight stays, weekday visits, and holidays are a usual part of a visitation schedule. Extended visits during summer vacation, and school breaks are also factored in.

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