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Guardianship of the Person

The Guardianship of the Person is someone appointed to make personal, medical, and welfare decisions for a Ward*.

This includes but is not limited to providing care, supervision, food, clothing, medical treatment and shelter for their ward.

Wards in these types of proceedings are commonly identified as:

–           Elderly individuals of whom are unable to make their own financial/healthcare decision

–           Minors of whom have received an inheritance/gift in their name

–           Disabled minor who has reached legal age but cannot assume responsibilities for their own financial/healthcare and/or legal affairs.

Our role: To represent the best interest of the Ward for which guardianship is being filed, as we oversee and execute the legal process for the individual filing to obtain Guardianship of the Person. 

It is important to use a competent guardianship lawyer to navigate the process involved with having a guardian appointed for a ward. Feel free to use the form to request a free consultation or call our office during regular business hours.

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