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If you were ever charged with a crime, it will show up on a background check, even if you weren’t convicted. An arrest record can follow you throughout your life, standing in the way of employment and more.

At McCarty-Larson, PLLC, our criminal defense lawyers can explain how an expungement can clear your arrest record so you can put the past behind you. Expungement is not available for every kind of arrest or criminal charge. Contact our law office to talk with a defense attorney about your particular case. We offer a free initial consultation. Call (972) 775-2100. We also consult with a great number of people remotely via Zoom.

What Is Expungement?

Expungement is also called expunction. It’s a legal term that means “record clearing.” That means the criminal record of your arrest, plea and sentence is removed from the files that would be searched during a background check. This is an important option because of all the negative ways a criminal record can affect a background check.

Expungement is a complex legal process. That’s because there is no single criminal record to be deleted. Information about your arrest history and the charges against you can exist in multiple databases controlled by different governmental departments. That information can even be held by independent businesses that provide background check services. These organizations are not connected or coordinated.

If an expunction order is granted by the court, a variety of agencies who may have a record of your arrest or crime, will be notified. They all need to be asked to remove the data from their files. Your expungement attorney understands the process of identifying and working with all of the parties who have control of your record.

Do You Qualify For Expungement?

There are several requirements that have to be met to qualify for an expungement. When you talk with one of our lawyers, you can ask If you qualify for expungement for your particular criminal charge. If you do not, ask if your record can be sealed with an order of nondisclosure. While they have similar goals, there are important differences between expungement and nondisclosure.

It’s Worth the Effort

There are a lot of ways that a criminal record can impact your future. When you apply for a job, apply to rent an apartment, apply for a loan, and other types of applications, it may trigger a background check. Your prior contact with the police – whether that’s just an arrest or you were tried in criminal court – will all be visible. It could be grounds for rejecting your application.

When your criminal record is expunged for a particular crime, that information is actually gone. And with it, those barriers to your future success. Doors that may have been closed to you, could be opened.

To get an expungement of your criminal record, your attorney must make a request to the court. There is an attorney fee and a filing fee and it doesn’t happen overnight. It may take several months to completely expunge your record, but the wait will be worth it in the end.

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