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Divorce can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. The decisions made during this time will influence your life and family into the future. You need a knowledgeable, and experienced divorce attorney to help you make informed decisions. At McCarty-Larson, PLLC, we represent clients in both simple and complex divorces.

Uncontested Divorce – Contested Divorce

Divorce does not have to involve excessive drama and fighting. An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree to the divorce and terms. Uncontested expedited divorces are possible when the following apply to the couple:

  • NNo minor children
  • NNo joint property
  • NNo ongoing bankruptcy case
  • NBoth want to end the marriage
  • NNeither is seeking alimony.
Unfortunately, uncontested divorce is not always possible. We represent clients in settlement negotiations, mediation, or in court, when necessary.
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The Divorce Process

The procedure can vary, depending on whether the spouses are working together. For example, one person files the petition and the other responds to the petition. When the parties are working together, the discovery, settlement, and mediation processes are smoother. Our goal is to help our clients reach a fair and equitable settlement and resolve issues with as little drama and fighting as possible.

We work with divorcing couples to resolve situations regarding:

Although we attempt to solve disagreements amicably, we stand ready to fight on your behalf when necessary. A Temporary Restraining Order may be requested to prevent assets from disappearing and require spouses to refrain from threats and harassment. Temporary custody, support, and visitation orders may be put in place at this time. Your divorce lawyer will answer your questions and provide advice that is tailored to your unique situation.
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