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Forgery is a serious crime in Texas and prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions in these cases. If you are convicted of forgery, prospective employers are going to view you as a thief. As a result, it is critical to hire a defense lawyer with a proven record as a forgery attorney protecting clients from forgery convictions.

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At McCarty-Larson, PLLC, I am dedicated to protecting your rights and your reputation if you have been charged with forgery. As a former prosecutor for the state of Texas and former Texas Peace Officer, I pride myself on offering a unique perspective on how the other side will approach a forgery charge against you. My experience in forgery cases is well-documented as a prosecutor, a forgery defense lawyer and a peace officer on the issue of theft.

Is Forgery a Felony

When you sign your name on someone else’s check or money order, this is considered a felony. There are several possible forgery offenses with which you may be charged in Texas:

  • Criminal forgery
  • Criminal simulation
  • Trademark counterfeiting
  • Stealing or receiving a stolen check

Chapter 32 of the penal code defines forgery as creating, issuing, or possessing any writing which falsely claims to:

  • Be the act of another individual,
  • Have been executed at a time, place, or sequence other than what is fact, or
  • Be a copy of an original that does not exist.

Even if you are not given a jail sentence, it’s important to keep a forgery conviction off your record. Conviction on a forgery charge can affect your reputation for the rest of your life and virtually take you out of the job market.

Immigration consequences of a forgery conviction. If you are not a U.S. citizen, the immigration consequences of forgery conviction can be dire. I have successfully negotiated deals with the state that have allowed my clients to remain in the country after their cases were resolved.

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