How long do you have to be separated before divorce is automatic in Texas?

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In the landscape of marital separation and divorce, Texas stands out with its unique approach. If you’re seeking to understand how long you must be separated before filing for divorce, you may find it interesting that, unlike other states with stringent separation mandates, Texas has no such prerequisite for a legal separation. This means that as someone looking for a divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas, you can commence the divorce proceedings without the preliminary step of living apart from your spouse for a predetermined amount of time. However, it’s essential to meet specific domicile and residency requirements as delineated by Texas law. Knowledgeable Burleson Texas divorce attorneys can guide you through these requirements, ensuring a smooth transition into the divorce process.

Key Takeaways

  • Texas does not mandate a separation period before you can file for divorce.
  • One spouse must have a domicile in Texas for six months and a county residence for 90 days before filing.
  • The law imposes a 60-day waiting period from the suit’s filing date before granting a divorce in Texas.
  • Consulting with a divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas, is crucial to understand and navigate Texas separation requirements for divorce effectively.
  • Texas’s lack of a legal separation requirement accelerates the process of filing for divorce.

Understanding Texas Divorce Laws: No Legal Separation Required

In the greater context of divorce within the United States, Texas distinguishes itself by eschewing the oft-expected legal requirement for separation prior to filing for divorce. This distinction can cause some confusion among residents, who may presume the existence of a separation period that Texas laws simply do not recognize. In seeking the counsel of the best divorce attorney in Burleson Texas, you’d be well-informed of the practical implications of initiating the divorce process in the state — implications that hinge on residency rather than any mandated period of living apart.

Exploring the Misconception of Separation Prior to Divorce in Texas

Scouring the web for guidance on the Texas divorce process can often yield mixed messages regarding the need for legal separation. However, this is one myth that experienced divorce lawyer Burleson TX professionals can debunk with certainty. Contrary to common belief and the laws of many other states, legal separation holds no status in Texas law. This frees potential divorcees from the burden of proof for a separation phase, thus streamlining the initial steps towards dissolution of marriage.

Why Texas Takes a Unique Approach to Divorce Proceedings

The Texas Family Code appears shaped by pragmatic ideals, primarily focused on the essential elements of jurisdiction rather than prescriptive marital conduct pre-divorce. The legislative departure from legal separation requirements underscores an intention to simplify the early procedural stages of marital dissolution. It’s a distinctive feature that underscores the state’s broader aim — to enact laws that reflect the realities of marital breakdowns while minimizing unnecessary hurdles for those involved.

Domicile and Residency Prerequisites for Divorce Petitioners in Texas

Even though there isn’t a need for legal separation in Texas, the law mandates certain domicile and residency prerequisites. Let’s interpret these requirements with a comparative lens:

DomicileOne spouse must have established a domicile in Texas — a legal residence coupled with the intention to stay.Minimum of six months
County ResidencyEither the petitioner or respondent must have resided in the specific county where the petition is filed.Minimum of 90 days

Satisfying these prerequisites is critical and is best navigated with the assistance of the best divorce attorney in Burleson Texas. Their expertise can ensure you’re properly situated to embark on the final dissolution phase expediently and with the necessary legal grounding.

Seeking Guidance from a Burleson Texas Divorce Attorney

Confronted with the intricacies of a divorce, you may find paramount relief and clarity under the guidance of a knowledgeable Burleson TX divorce lawyer. In a state where no mandatory separation period exists, such expertise is invaluable to accurately steer through the unique legislative landscape. Whether your divorce scenario includes cohabitation with your spouse or a separate living situation, a seasoned affordable divorce lawyer Burleson TX can provide personalized, strategic advice.

At the start of your divorce journey, legal misconceptions can be daunting. But fear not, because working with the top divorce attorney Burleson Texas means having an advocate by your side to demystify the process. The succinct guidance of a divorce lawyer can bridge the gap between misunderstood legal jargon and the palpable steps you need to take.

It is of utmost importance to select a Burleson Texas divorce attorney who not only meets the high professional standards but also aligns with your financial considerations. Browse through the following comparisons to aid your decision for the right legal counsel:

FactorsTop Divorce AttorneyAffordable Divorce Lawyer
ExperienceExtensive, with a record in high-profile casesCompetent, with a focus on cost-effective resolutions
CostUsually higher due to reputation and demandMore budget-friendly, fitting for financial constraints
ApproachMay adopt a more aggressive strategyMay seek collaborative and amicable solutions
Personal AttentionVaries, can be limited due to caseloadOften more available for personalized service

Note the distinctive traits each legal practitioner offers and choose the Burleson TX divorce lawyer whose attributes resonate with your needs. It’s essential to be well-informed and comfortable with your attorney, who will be instrumental in navigating your divorce proceedings efficiently.

The Mandatory Waiting Period in Texas: How Long Before You Can Finalize

Embarking on divorce proceedings in Texas, you are not required to endure a separation period before filing. Yet, it is imperative to understand the state’s mandatory waiting period—a crucial juncture in the journey towards finalizing your divorce. This time frame is consistent, regardless of your living arrangements during the interim. Let’s delve into the details of this statutory pause, which stands as a testament to the thoughtful considerations embedded within Texas family law.

An Overview of the 60-Day Waiting Requirement

When you or your Burleson Texas family lawyer file for divorce, the state enforces a 60-day holding period before the courts may grant your divorce decree. This “cooling off” interval is seen as a reflective phase, providing spouses the opportunity to ponder their decisions before dissolving their marriage. The timeline commences on the date the divorce petition is filed and remains inviolable, signifying the state’s commitment to a thoughtful divorce process.

Implications of the Wait Time for Divorce Proceedings

The imposed 60-day waiting period wields significant implications for how quickly you can progress through your divorce. It affects every couple seeking divorce, compelling a pause that often feels burdensome for individuals eager to close this chapter of their lives. Despite any agreements reached—be it regarding asset division, child custody, or other matters—this time of contemplation cannot be curtailed. Knowledgeable guidance from a family lawyer in Burleson TX can be immensely beneficial, offering the requisite legal foresight to navigate these and other procedural nuances of divorce proceedings in Texas.

The Impact of a Cooling-Off Period on Texas Divorces

When it comes to the divorce process in Texas, a unique provision within the state law introduces a reflective interval after you’ve filed for divorce. Known as the “cooling-off period,” this mandatory 60-day waiting time before finalizing divorce in Texas is designed to offer you and your spouse a set duration to contemplate the decision and potentially explore reconciliation.

It’s not just a suggested pause; this waiting period is firmly entrenched in the legislative framework, affecting every individual in Texas seeking to end their marriage, irrespective of the speed at which post-filing agreements on divorce terms are concluded. The policy underpinning this interval is Texas’s initiative to limit court involvement by motivating couples to reach settlements out of court.

If you’re considering navigating the logistics of ending your marriage, acknowledging this compulsory hiatus is crucial. Without respecting this period, the divorce cannot advance to finalization, even if all other aspects are ready to proceed. Here’s a deeper understanding of the waiting period’s role in the divorce timeline:

Aspect of DivorceImpact
Time before divorce can be finalizedMandatory 60-day waiting period from filing date
Reconciliation potentialPeriod designed for contemplation and potential reconciliation
Court interventionWaiting period aids in reducing court involvement by encouraging settlement

Understanding the mandatory cooling-off period ensures that when you do approach an affordable divorce lawyer in Burleson, TX, you’re prepared to navigate this statutory requirement. The liaison with your attorney during this time is vital, as it allows you to proactively address and organize all necessary legal documentation and agreements, so that once the period lapses, your divorce can proceed to finalization without undue delay.

  • The 60-day waiting period is consistent; quick settlement does not bypass it.
  • Reflective of Texas’s commitment to amicable resolution whenever possible.
  • Consultation with a divorce lawyer in Burleson is advised for preparation.

Your legal representative will ensure all your paperwork and agreements align with Texas laws. As this time is esoteric to the divorce process in Texas, professional guidance can provide a seamless experience and prepare you for life post-divorce efficiently and with clear legal standing.

Does Living Apart Affect the Divorce Timeline in Texas?

While the state of Texas stands distinct in not requiring couples to live apart before filing for divorce, the concept of physical separation still holds sway over the divorce timeline in Texas. If you wonder whether living separately impacts your ability to divorce or the eventual settlements, it’s essential to understand both the practical and legal nuances. A top divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas, could provide valuable insights into how living apart might influence your case.

Assessing the Role of Physical Separation in Divorce Cases

If you’re considering ending your marriage, and have been living apart for an extended period, this may affect the trajectory of your divorce case. Despite the lack of a legal mandate for separation in Texas, the time spent living independently from your spouse could underscore certain aspects of your divorce, such as fault grounds and individual circumstances surrounding divorce settlements in Texas.

How Living Separately Can Influence Divorce Settlements

Lived experiences and the division of lives during physical separation can alter expectations and claims in divorce. These aspects are particularly pivotal when it comes to settlements, which include but are not limited to alimony, child support, and property division. Here, physical separation in divorce might emerge as a critical factor during negotiations.

Separation TimeframePotential Impact on Divorce Process
Less Than 3 YearsMinimal direct impact, as separation is not a requirement in Texas for no-fault divorces.
At Least 3 YearsRecognized as a fault ground for divorce, possibly affecting settlements and custody.

The nuances of how living separately affects each divorce case highlight the importance of consulting with an expert attorney. They can navigate you through the divorce timeline in Texas, factoring in all aspects of your unique circumstances to reach an equitable settlement.

Working with a Divorce Lawyer Burleson TX for Swift Resolution

For many individuals facing the end of a marriage, the journey through the legal procedures of divorce can seem daunting. However, achieving a swift divorce resolution in Texas is possible, especially when you are working with a divorce lawyer in Burleson. Proficient legal counsel can be the difference between a protracted process and a more efficient one, particularly in Burleson where familiarity with state-specific regulations is paramount.

Your attorney’s primary objective is to navigate through the complexities of your case, concentrating efforts on either reaching mutually agreeable terms swiftly after the mandatory cooling-off period or resiliently managing the intricacies of a contested divorce. Moreover, Burleson TX divorce lawyers have the acumen to tailor their strategies, reflecting cognizance of your unique situation and working towards a resolution that mirrors your best interests.

Here is an outline of what you can anticipate when you collaborate with a legal expert skilled in facilitating divorce proceedings efficiently:

  • Providing astute legal guidance to meet Texas’s domicile and residency prerequisites for filing a divorce petition.
  • Formulating a strategy to work through the 60-day waiting period productively, laying the groundwork for a quick conclusion once it elapses.
  • Handling negotiations or mediation with the aim of reaching an amicable settlement rapidly, benefiting all parties involved.
  • Assisting in compiling and reviewing all requisite documentation to ensure a smooth divorce process post the waiting period.
  • Finalizing divorce agreements expeditiously while adhering to Texas state laws and considering the welfare of everyone affected.

Fostering a collaborative lawyer-client relationship is essential in fostering an expedited divorce process. Your divorce lawyer in Burleson is committed to maintaining transparent communication, ensuring that you are always informed and actively involved in the decision-making process. This partnership allows you to approach each stage of your divorce with confidence and clarity.

An instrumental aspect to achieving swift divorce resolutions is structuring an effective timeline. The table below depicts potential stages and the role your lawyer plays in accelerating each phase:

Stage of DivorceRole of a Burleson Divorce Lawyer
Initial ConsultationAssess your situation, advise on legal rights and obligations, and strategize for an expedited process.
Filing for DivorceEnsure all paperwork is correctly filed and residency requirements are met, initiating the process promptly.
During the Cooling-Off PeriodUse this time effectively to negotiate terms, gather evidence, and prepare for settlement or court proceedings.
Reaching SettlementFacilitate discussions or mediation to resolve conflicts and cement agreements quickly.
FinalizationExpeditiously manage the submission of the final decree to the court following the end of the 60-day period.

Enlisting the expertise of a seasoned divorce lawyer in Burleson can dramatically streamline the divorce process. Throughout Texas, and particularly in Burleson, your attorney is a vital partner in the quest for a swift and favorable divorce resolution. Take control of your future and ensure that your divorce journey is not only legally sound but also as expeditious as possible.

Navigating Uncontested Divorce: Expedited Processes in Texas

An uncontested divorce simplifies the emotional and bureaucratic complexities of a conventional divorce. If you find yourself considering this route, a clearer understanding of an uncontested divorce in Texas can navigate you towards a more straightforward resolution of your marital dissolution.

Criteria for Qualifying as an Uncontested Divorce

Qualifying for an uncontested divorce requires both parties to come to an agreement on all key aspects of the dissolution of their marriage. This means you and your spouse need to concord on conditions including custody, support, and property division without ensuing disputes. Here are the main criteria for an uncontested divorce:

  • Agreement on child custody and visitation schedules
  • Consensus on child support, alimony, and spousal maintenance
  • Unanimous decision on the division of property, assets, and debts
  • Both parties willing to waive their rights to a trial or appeal
  • Both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce without requiring a court intervention for settlement

Timeline Expectations for Uncontested Divorces

When eyeing the timeline for an uncontested divorce, it is essential to note that such cases can lead to an expedited divorce process. Once you’ve met the criteria for uncontested divorce and filed the necessary documentation, Texas mandates a 60-day cooling-off period. After this period, should you remain in mutual agreement, the dissolution of your marriage could reach its conclusive stage remarkably quicker than contested divorces.

The typically expected progression of an uncontested divorce aligns as follows:

Stage of ProcessDurationDetails
Filing of Divorce PetitionDay 1Couples looking for an uncontested divorce in Texas can file a Petition for Divorce.
Cooling-Off Period60 DaysTexas law requires a mandatory waiting period before granting a divorce.
Finalization60-120 DaysIf agreements are sustained post cooling-off, your divorce could be finalized swiftly, often in as little as two months following the waiting period.

If you are in the midst of deciding whether an uncontested divorce fits your situation, the counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer can be instrumental. With their insight, the criteria for uncontested divorce can be assessed thoroughly against your circumstances to ensure an expedited divorce process in alignment with Texas family laws. A mutually agreeable divorce paves the way for moving forward swiftly and harmoniously.

Contested vs. Uncontested: Factors that Affect Divorce Duration

When embarking on the path of divorce, the distinction between a contested divorce in Texas and an uncontested divorce is critical in determining the divorce duration in Texas. If you and your spouse find yourselves at odds over key issues such as asset distribution or child custody, you are likely facing a contested divorce. This scenario typically prolongs the divorce process due to extensive negotiations and, in some instances, a trial. By contrast, an uncontested divorce, where both parties have reached an accord on all matters, allows for a smoother and often swifter journey post the state-mandated 60-day waiting period.

Several factors affecting divorce duration must be considered throughout this process. To provide clarity, a table is presented below to examine these factors in detail, offering insight into how they influence the timeline of your divorce proceedings.

FactorContested Divorce ImpactUncontested Divorce Impact
Asset DivisionCan lead to extended negotiations and discovery, possible trialAgreement speeds up process, no additional discovery or trial
Child CustodyMay result in custody evaluations, mediation, and court hearingsJoint decisions facilitate a quicker resolution
Temporary OrdersRequests for temporary support can prolong proceedingsLess likely to be needed, reducing time and cost
Agreement on TermsDisagreement on divorce terms often leads to lengthier divorceConsensus on terms implies a streamlined process

Understanding these factors underscores the importance of thorough preparation and consultation with a proficient Burleson TX divorce lawyer. Whether you’re navigating a contested or uncontested divorce, legal counsel can provide invaluable support, aiming to resolve your case in an efficient and favorable manner.

Role of Mediation in Texas Divorces: Can it Shorten the Separation?

As you navigate the possibilities for ending your marriage in Texas, the option of divorce mediation may arise as a potential pathway to an amicable settlement. This alternative dispute resolution method is worth considering for its ability to lead to a quicker divorce resolution, bypassing the often lengthy adversarial court process.

Understanding the Mediation Process and Its Benefits

Mediation in Texas involves a neutral third-party mediator who facilitates discussions between you and your spouse with the goal of reaching a mutually agreeable resolution. Not only does the mediation process have the potential to simplify complex issues, but it also promotes communication and collaboration, minimizing hostility. This can be particularly beneficial for preserving relationships where children are involved.

How Mediation Contributes to Amicable Settlements and Quicker Divorces

With the support of mediation, numerous couples have been able to resolve their disputes privately and more expediently than if they had opted for a traditional court proceeding. By focusing on negotiation rather than litigation, divorce mediation in Texas often results in settlements that both parties can accept, thus expediting the divorce process.

Divorce AspectWithout MediationWith Mediation
Resolution TimePotentially prolonged due to court scheduling and litigationPossibly shorter due to direct negotiations
CostsHigher due to court fees and lengthy legal proceduresReduced with fewer court interventions and more concise legal support
Emotional StrainOften higher due to adversarial nature of court proceedingsLower as a result of collaborative and controlled communication
Control Over OutcomeDecisions made by the court may not align with either parties’ preferencesParties have significant input in the final agreement

If a swift and mutually satisfactory resolution is a priority in your divorce, mediation could very well be the most fitting avenue for you. Collaborating with the best divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas, who is well-versed in mediation, can further streamline the process, empowering you and your spouse to reach an amicable settlement efficiently.

No Fault Divorce in Texas: Streamlining the Path to Separation

For those seeking to dissolve a marriage in the Lone Star State, Texas law provides an expedited route through what’s known as a no fault divorce. This cordial approach means that neither spouse is required to point fingers or prove that the other is to blame for the breakup of the marital union. Instead, you simply assert that the relationship is irretrievably impaired due to discord, with no foreseeable chance of mending the rift. For many, the option to pursue a no fault divorce in Texas significantly hastens the legal dissolution process.

Embracing a no fault divorce means bypassing the potentially lengthy and emotionally draining task of substantiating traditional grounds for divorce, such as infidelity or cruelty. The principle behind this law serves to streamline divorce in Texas, focusing on a more compassionate and pragmatic approach to the termination of the marriage.

Divorce TypeDescriptionImpact on Process
Fault DivorceRequires proof of wrongdoing by one spouse.Potentially longer proceedings due to the need for evidence.
No Fault DivorceNo need to prove spouse’s fault; citing irreconcilable differences suffices.Streamlines the process, allowing for quicker resolutions.

Choosing the no fault path spares individuals from the onus and complexities associated with fault-based divorce proceedings, presenting an efficient alternative to traditional divorce litigation. However, the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer in Texas can be indispensable in navigating the subtleties inherent to the process even in a no fault divorce case. The expertise of a seasoned divorce lawyer is especially valuable in addressing the division of assets, child custody arrangements, and any other potential complications that may arise.

The shift towards streamlining divorce in Texas is in line with progressive legal trends seeking to reduce conflict and make the dissolution of marriage as smooth as possible for all involved parties. By choosing a no fault divorce in Texas, you can expect a fair and compassionate hearing in the state’s family law courts.


Navigating divorce in Texas can present various unique legal challenges that are distinct from those encountered in other places. The absence of a mandatory separation period before filing streamlines the initial phase of the process, emphasizing the importance of understanding other critical requirements such as domicile and residency. Support in Texas divorce is not just a matter of legal advice; it’s a form of empowerment, guiding you through the maze of decisions and paperwork you are bound to face. By utilizing the services of a proficient guidance from divorce lawyer, the complexities of your journey can be transformed into a clear pathway towards a new chapter in your life.

Final Thoughts: Support and Guidance from Experienced Divorce Lawyers

As you stand at the threshold of seeking a divorce in Texas, consider the difference that seasoned legal counsel can make. An experienced Burleson Texas divorce attorney offers support that encompasses more than just the technicalities; they provide a sanctuary of professional knowledge and personal understanding that can weather the storm of even the most challenging cases. They’re a pivotal asset in providing the necessary backing and support, ensuring that every step from filing to finalization is executed with precision and your personal well-being in mind.

Key Takeaways for Spouses Navigating Divorce in Texas

For spouses in the midst of navigating divorce Texas laws present unique nuances: No separation period needed, fulfillment of residency requirements, and a 60-day reflective waiting period. It is critical to align with divorce lawyers who can help demystify these steps and offer assistance towards reaching a swift and favorable resolution. Whether through amicable mediation or the pursuit of a no-fault divorce, the counsel you choose can exponentially impact the course of your proceedings. As the chapters of your marriage conclude, the support of a trusted legal advocate in Texas ensures that the story of your future is started on a foundation of professional care and legal expertise.


How long do you have to be separated before divorce is automatic in Texas?

In Texas, there is no legal requirement for a couple to be separated before a divorce can take place. There is a misconception that a period of separation is required, but the Texas divorce process does not necessitate this. Instead, one must meet domicile and residency prerequisites before filing for divorce with the assistance of a Burleson Texas divorce attorney.

Why does Texas take a unique approach to divorce proceedings?

Texas takes a unique approach to divorce by not requiring legal separation prior to filing for divorce. This is in stark contrast to some other states with mandatory separation times. Texas emphasizes domicile and residency requirements and focuses on streamlining the process with the support of experienced divorce lawyers in Burleson, TX.

What are the domicile and residency prerequisites for divorce petitioners in Texas?

In Texas, one of the spouses must have been domiciled in the state for a minimum of six months and must be a resident of the county where the divorce is filed for at least 90 days preceding the filing. These prerequisites ensure that the Texas courts have jurisdiction over the divorce case, a clarification that can be provided by the best divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas.

What is the mandatory waiting period before you can finalize a divorce in Texas?

Texas imposes a mandatory 60-day waiting period, often referred to as a “cooling-off” period, from the date of filing for divorce before it can be finalized. This period is in place regardless of whether the spouses are living together or separately and serves as time for consideration and potential reconciliation, guided by a knowledgeable family lawyer in Burleson, TX.

How does the cooling-off period affect Texas divorces?

The cooling-off period in Texas is designed to give couples time to reconsider their decision and possibly reconcile, affecting all divorcing couples in the state. This 60-day period is mandatory, and its strategic consideration can lead to settlements, with the help of an affordable divorce lawyer in Burleson, TX, effectively reducing court intervention.

Does living apart affect the divorce timeline in Texas?

While physical separation is not mandated by Texas law for the no-fault divorce process, living apart for at least three years is a recognized fault ground for divorce and does have an impact on the divorce timeline, particularly in terms of settlements. This aspect can be thoroughly explained by the top divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas.

How can working with a divorce lawyer in Burleson, TX, facilitate a swift divorce resolution?

Working with an experienced divorce lawyer in Burleson, TX, can help to expedite the divorce process, especially in uncontested cases where rapid agreements are possible after the cooling-off period. They aim to streamline proceedings for a favorable outcome and ensure clients are well-informed throughout their divorce.

What are the criteria for qualifying as an uncontested divorce in Texas?

An uncontested divorce in Texas is one where both parties agree on all divorce-related matters, including child custody, support, and property division. If such an agreement is reached and the mandatory cooling-off period has passed, the divorce could proceed swiftly, with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer in Burleson, TX.

What factors affect the duration of divorce in Texas?

The duration of a divorce in Texas is affected by whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. Contested divorces, which involve disagreements on key issues, may take longer due to negotiations and trial. However, uncontested divorces can move forward after the 60-day waiting period. Factors affecting duration include asset division, child custody, and temporary orders, all managed by a skilled Burleson TX divorce lawyer.

How does mediation contribute to amicable settlements and quicker divorces in Texas?

Mediation in Texas involves a neutral third party who helps spouses reach an agreement, potentially avoiding protracted disputes and court intervention. It encourages mutual cooperation and streamlines resolutions, which can significantly accelerate the divorce process when paired with the best divorce attorney in Burleson, Texas.

What is a “no fault” divorce in Texas, and how does it streamline the process?

A “no fault” divorce in Texas allows for the dissolution of marriage without one party having to prove the other’s wrongdoing. The couple simply states that the marriage is irretrievably broken and cannot be repaired. This approach can streamline the divorce process, as it bypasses the need to establish fault-based grounds. Guidance from an experienced divorce lawyer in Burleson, TX, can make this process more straightforward.

What support and guidance can experienced divorce lawyers provide during a Texas divorce?

Experienced divorce lawyers in Texas can provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the divorce process. They help clients understand legal requirements, assist in negotiating agreements, represent clients in court if necessary, and work to achieve the best possible outcome. Their support is invaluable in ensuring that the process is conducted efficiently and effectively.

What are the key takeaways for spouses navigating divorce in Texas?

Key takeaways include the recognition that there is no legal requirement for separation before filing for divorce, the necessity to meet residency and domicile prerequisites, the importance of the 60-day waiting period, and the benefits of mediation. The guidance of a qualified divorce attorney can provide clarity and support in navigating these aspects and facilitate the overall process.